The Breakfast Life of: Christy Ma, Founder of BEASTFAST

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Prior to INSEAD, I was at HSBC Global Asset Management where I promoted China investment strategies to global sales teams. Growing up in Hong Kong, it’s almost inevitable to find yourself working in financial services, but even more inevitable to cultivate the love for food. Three years ago, I created — named ‘Top Food Blog’ and interviewed as ‘food authority’ in Hong Kong and London — which led me to discover my passion for all things food-related. After my MBA, I hope to bring my experience in stakeholder and project management from asset management to food.

What do you think helps you be more productive in your typical day?

Planning my day and focusing on one or two key tasks or areas. 

What's the most helpful advice ever given to you?

“Know who your stakeholders are,” my mentor at HSBC once said. In an organisation so large, it’s easy to get caught up doing everything and trying to make everyone happy — but this is also applicable to life in general. This advice constantly reminds me of the importance of finding and connecting to your stakeholders in life, prioritizing and saying “no” more often.

Could you recommend a book?

The Power of Habit — Charles Duhigg. Personally, I think the cliche sense of passion is overrated. Like many others, I was not born with a passion and I never had a eureka moment that led to discovering one. I think it takes repetition to know whether you love something; it also takes repetition to fall in love with something. It’s not that this book changed me, but I recognise, agree with and respect so many of the concepts covered.

Are you a morning person?

Ever since I started working on my own, I craved routine. As a result, I made myself a morning person because waking up at 7am was a type of routine that made me feel good. I do need my coffee though. 

What gets you up every morning?

Food!!! Breakfast is always my favourite meal of the day. Even when I'm extremely tired, once I start imagining my breakfast, I can almost immediately jump out of bed.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

I honestly don't eat BEASTFAST granola for breakfast every day, but I did today because I needed to take some additional yogurt + fruits + granola photos for this website! The product photo for our Superpower Granola is exactly what I ate this morning. 

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