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What we do

We create healthy and excitingly flavourful granola for breakfast-lovers all over UK.

Our granola is unique because we use lots of healthy spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and cloves. These spices make our breakfasts super flavourful without using sugar.

Plus, BEASTFAST's granola is always filled with whole nuts and seeds, for extra nutrition, and to keep you full for longer.

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How we started

BEASTFAST was founded by Christy Ma, who was named 'Top Food Blogger' and 'Food Authority' after creating the blog, lolleroll.

Christy Lolleroll Feature  Sai Kung Mag Feature Lolleroll Christy  

In bustling cities like London, a busy lifestyle is almost inevitable. This is why Christy found herself eating out almost 10 times a week. That gave birth to the food blog.

But in an attempt to offset these often-greasy meals, she made herself a variety of healthy breakfasts every morning - something exciting, nutritious and energising for a productive day ahead.

"Somehow, an exciting and constantly changing breakfast meal (paired with a strong cup of coffee) became the reason I was excited to jump out of bed every morning.
I even started waking up 10-15 minutes earlier each day to make my own coffee and 'decorate' my yogurt pots or chia seed puddings!"
- Christy
Christy Ma Lolleroll Making Coffee Banana Blueberry Walnut Oats Latte Art Homemade
Healthy Pancakes with Chia Seed Chia Seed Pudding Egg whites and avocado


We hope to share this experience of an exciting morning, with our tasty breakfast foods. We hope they remind you of the best things in your every day - from the smallest detail of a delicious breakfast to your scariest goals.

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