Corporate Breakfast Events and Offers

Corporate Breakfast Events

Is your company looking for breakfast supplies? Are you organising a breakfast corporate event?

We work with companies of various sizes to provide a selection of granola as a healthy and exciting addition to their breakfast meetings. We supply glass jars (first time) and then send refills either weekly, monthly or on an ad hoc basis. We are also open to also discuss other arrangements you have in mind!

Packages start from £40 and the only requirement is that your company is based in Central London or Canary Wharf. 

Send us an email at for more details.

Granola Corporate Breakfast Jars

BEASTFAST was selected by this company (of approx. 60 staff) for a healthy breakfast option. Colleagues loved the product for its unique taste. We delivered 3 flavours of granola (approx. 600g each) to the client, to supplement their regular breakfast offering of pastries, fruit, yogurt, for a monthly gathering. 

Granola breakfast buffet

BEASTFAST granola was used for a small breakfast event (of approx. 20 people) for a healthy breakfast option, alongside fruits and yogurt. We catered 4 flavours of granola, one of which was a special edition flavour. The breakfast table spread also included pastries, bread, smoked salmon, avocado.