About Our Granola Shop

Purchase our granola packages individually via The Granola Shop! There is a shipping charge of £2.79 per order, if the order is under £20. 

About our granola

Is your granola vegan?

No, technically not. We currently use honey in our granolas. 

That said, we source the best quality raw honey from ethical beekeepers in the UK.

Is your granola gluten-free?

Sort of. We use naturally gluten-free ingredients in all of our granolas, including certified gluten-free oats. However, we cannot guarantee against cross-contaminations and our products have not been tested and certified.

Do you have nut-free granolas?

No. Unfortunately, we currently cannot offer options for those with nut allergies. Most of our granolas have nuts in them, and are produced in an environment with nuts. 

Can I get a refund?

Yes. In case you don't like the product, please send us an email at info@beastfastfoods.com, and we will arrange for a refund. 

Is your packaging sustainable?

Our packaging is currently 100% recyclable - as always, make sure you clean out the contents first. We have been investing in exploring other eco-friendly options. If you have any suggestions, we would be more than happy to hear them! Please send us an email at info@beastfastfoods.com.